Omg... if this isnt instant heaven with tortilla chips, I dont know what is.

Want to take your camp cooking up a notch? How about on your next trip making Nachos! Yes, these pizza nachos are made for the cast iron skillet so they are easy to do over the campfire!

Culleres de pasta de full

Edible Bread Spoons for tapas and appetizers. Save recipes extras and freeze; use to create edible bread spoon appetizer/"recipe edible bread spoons/or for other use. save fruits for perfect champagne bellini.

Aperitivo* fácil y muy vistoso y se puede rellenar de lo que se quiera: dulce o salado.


Muffin-Roses - Pinning this just for the idea. I would love to try making these rolls with a ball of boudin inside or some jalapeno cheese sausage .mmmm(How To Make Recipes)

Crushed New Potatoes Mix 2 tab. Of olive oil with a 2 gloves of crushed garlic and set aside? Boil 4 potatoes and crush them. Top with oil garlic mixture. Sprinkle some salt, pepper,cheese and Parmesan cheese. Roast for 10 mins. Sprinkle with chives.

Crushed New Potatoes. For lovers of baked potatoes this recipe will be real godsend. It will become spicy enough by help of stuffing. You will crush potato, top with mix, bake. In result you will get potato flower with original taste.

Tarta de manzana al horno

Receta de Tarta de manzana al horno

Mamá Carlota

Mamá Carlota ( recipe is in spanish, but I am sure philadelphia should have the equivalent in english at their site, for those who don't speak spanish, sorry.

Esta tarta de piña es una tarta ideal para compartir después de una comida como postre, ya que es muy suave y refrescante y una forma estupenda de que todo

Tarta de piña

Eating organic produce helps you stay healthy, your body remembers is what drives you every day.Take care!

Tartaletas saladas fáciles

Tartlets-plain-in-tray: salmon and tuna, blue cheese and apple volovanes and anchovy, dried tomatoes and capers

Beba esto Durante 3 Días y la GRASA de su VIENTRE Va a Derretirse como un Helado

Beba esto Durante 3 Días y la GRASA de su VIENTRE Va a Derretirse como un Helado

MENÚ SALUDABLE - Secretos de chicas

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