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Loving this by “Here is a picture tutorial i promised for the wrap style I posted earlier. I used two scarfs to make the twisted end thick. In step 3 I made sure I covered the inner green scarf. You can also let it show when twisting in.

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When one looks online for the meaning of ‘Wrap Queen’, your search engine surely throws up anything but the fashionable ways to tie a headscarf.


Head wrap on the right side for medium-older lionesses. Think it's a similar design to medium-young lioness headwrap, but a stiffer fabric and including a volumizer.

See this Instagram photo by @kishmykurls • curly bangs. Natural hair. Curls. Curly hair.

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Nice beauty photo from African woman gold neck rings and earrings red opened lips colorful head wrap

Head scarf

I love to rock head wraps and head scarves because they're beautiful. Rocking a head wrap or head scarf is not about concealing or protecting my hair.

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We love the versatility that a turban or head wrap gives especially when it comes to our hair. See 16 ways how to wear a turban this summer.