Coffy (1973) starring Pam Grier

Coffy starring Pam Grier--she did so many old movies and this was one of the best

Black Hollywood: Boarding House Blues by Black History Album, via Flickr

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Blaxploitation  70s vintage poster

"Darktown Strutters" aka "Get Down And Boogie" Director: William Witney Stars: Trina Parks, Edna Richardson, Bettye Sweet

Velet Smooth a movie with the longest fight scenes ever shot. Blaxploitation Posters - Bing Images

Blaxploitation during the created an entire genre of film and style. Afros and disco-inspired clothing permeated the movies. Originally created for a black audience, the genre soon crossed ethnic and social lines to reach a wide audience.

70s blaxploitation movies | 25 Blaxploitation Movie Posters – Holytaco

Schlock Corridor - where all the weirdest, wildest and best B-movie are found. This time: It’s not a Wesley Snipes movie. SUGAR HILL is a classic blaxploitation film about getting revenge with good old fashioned voodoo zombies.

TNT Jackson

"TNT Jackson", starring Jeannie Bell and Stan Shaw, directed by Cirio H.