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Image result for tropical drawing ideas

aori (splatoon) black dress black hair detached collar dress earrings food food on head from behind gloves green legwear grin hotaru (splatoon) jewelry long hair looking at viewer looking back mask mmlu (honwa karesu) mole mole under eye multiple gi

his hair is sooo random

I'm convinced that he gets his hair like that by having an electric type Pokemon zap him

Love them!!!

Conan and Ran, so cute together! I love this pastel fanart for them! Points for taming Ran's horn, lol!

Digimon Adventure: Then and Now

I don't even watch Digimon, but I thought this was cool. The ad and the new eps.

Pokemon Red | Trainer Red | Red | Is so Hotttt

β€œW-Why… is it… so… fucking cold?” You shivered as you continued walking in the strong blizzard. Red X Ill Reader: Keep You Warm