Just got back from Barcelona, and this is totally our jam!  Or...Jamon.  Jamon Iberico Bellota Manchados de Jabugo

Jamon Iberico Bellota - looks so good I want to finish it in 2 bites

Espectacular plato de Jamon Iberico, ¡una gozada! @jamonjulianmart  #entretodospodemos

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Buy the spanish ham Pata Negra Bellota, Jamon iberico

The "Jamón ibérico" is a well cured ham made from the black Ibérico pig. Thanks to an excellent curing process, it is the finest ham in the world!

Disfrutar de los placeres que nos ofrece la vida no cuesta tanto, una tostada "pan con tomate" con jamón http://7bellotas.com/shop es rápido y sencillo de preparar, una delicia para el paladar !

Jambon pata negra the best, it's délicious.

de http://www.sibaritissimo.com/jamones-monsalud-el-mejor-jamon-iberico-del-mundo/

Now this is the way to cut jamón ibérico de bellota! This acorn fed Iberian ham must be hand sliced to give you the best texture and flavor.

Jamon Iberico

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Jamon Iberico

Jamon iberico article

Jamon iberico article

Jamon Iberico

Difference between Jamon Serrano, Prosciutto di Parma / Parma Ham, Jambon Sec / Bayonne Ham and Presunto explained!

jamon iberico

Apart from extra virgin olive oil another of my favourites from the Spanish culinary world is cured ham, in particular Iberian Acorn Ham (Jamon de Bellota Iberica). Which is very different to Serrano Ham or the Italian Prosciutto and is u