Pablo Vega Panedas

Pablo Vega Panedas

Palencia-Madrid  ·  Comunicador y periodista
Pablo Vega Panedas
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Just a lighthearted funny not a political statement on my part. Just go out and vote, period.

Logo campaña Romney-Ryan

Logo campaña Romney-Ryan

Comparativa cómica Obama-Romney

Post with 109005 views. Barack "The Kenyan Assassin" Obama vs. Mitt "The Stormin Mormon" Romney

Debate Obama-Romney

The Atlantic (US) New cover The Atlantic magazine: Obama vs Romney Editor in Chief: James Bennet Art Director: Jason Treat

Poster democrata

This Vote Democrat Donkey Political Wall Decal gives your garage, bar, office, or business wall decor a patriotic vintage style makeover.

Poster republicano

The Vote Republican Steel Sign is the perfect bit of retro decor for those who value small government, with art from Anderson Design Group! Copyright 2013 Anderson Design Group, Inc.