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Will Smith

Will Smith.Fresh prince of Bel Air?this guy is truly talented and engaging actor.not just action movies, drama roles as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Frontier Brothers Cast Ella Stuart-the ward, accompanies fleet Kent Applacia-the brother interest (Aaron Frye) Kenny Morrison-the indian interest (Tatanka) Leonardo Dicaprio-the bad guy chasing them (Doug Holcomb)

1971 Volkswagen Beetle

The first vehicle I purchased was a 1971 red VW Super Beetle. I wish I could have that car again. It wasn't my most reliable car, but it represented independence and feeling GROOVY at age That whir of a vintage Beetle. Love This!

pallet chair for deck furniture.

Get your carpentering devices out and let us makes some Reprocessed wood Pallet Captain’s Chair! These chairs are Eco-friendly as they use Reprocessed wood Pallet Captain’s Chair.