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a watercolor painting of a building with a clock tower
Zeist, the Netherlands - Urban Sketchers
Urban Sketchers: Zeist, the Netherlands
a drawing of a bottle of freantoo
Lauren Tamaki's Workblog
Pisco Bottle Design | #design #pisco
a painting of a camera on a table
Welcome to celia basto | 100% art
watercolor painting of birds flying in the sky
'Moleskine sketch' < not really sure what that means... the fact that it's drawn in a moleskin journal requires it to be called a moleskin sketch..?! however I liked the image for it's simplicity and quiet intrigue
an instagram page with black and white painting on it's screen, which reads instagram the lane
Geoffrey Johnson's Paintings
Geoffrey Johnson
a painting of people walking and riding bikes in the rain on a city street with traffic lights
Joseph Zbukvic
a man and woman kissing under an umbrella in the rain with words written on it
Loui Jover, 1967 | Vintage art in Black and White
Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Ink 2013 Drawing "black umbrella"
a watercolor painting of people walking in front of a building with a dome on top
Urban Sketchers
an artistic painting of a train track with buildings in the background and watercolor on paper
Railroad Tracks, An Urban Sketch - 8x10 print in ochre, teal blue, brown mustard and gold. via Etsy.
an image of a moose with large antlers on it's back legs in the water
Moose Art Print
watercolor painting of a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean on a cloudy day
Maiden's Tower, istanbul http://www.watercolouristanbul.com
a drawing of a dog's head and neck
greyhound || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | Find more at https://www.facebook.com/CharacterDesignReferences if you're looking for: #line #art #character #design #model #sheet #illustration #expressions #best #concept #animation #drawing #archive #library #reference #anatomy #traditional #draw #development #artist #pose #settei #gestures #how #to #tutorial #conceptart #modelsheet #cartoon
a watercolor painting of a pine tree
Snow Covered Pine
Catherine In and Out of The Studio: snowy tree demo
a watercolor painting of a pink lip
Patterson Maker Miller
an image of a woman's face with watercolors on the side and in the middle
PlayGround - Like. Share. Do.
Agnes Cecile
a drawing of two women laying on top of each other
PlayGround - Like. Share. Do.
Agnes Cecile
two glass jars with toothbrushes in them
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brutal Watercolor
watercolor painting of trees in the snow
Snowy Hillside Watercolor Art Print by Frances Dierken
Main resolution for this year - don't speak negatively about anyone. Stop and put yourself in their shoes first. Negativity accomplishes nothing!
this is a drawing of a building with columns and balconies on the side
San telmo by Benbe on DeviantArt
to learn