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a black and white photo of a bird's nest in the dark with lots of lines
The Laurel of Asheville lifestyle magazine
Metal Nest - Mitchell Lonas
a drawing of a whale riding on top of a boat in the ocean with people inside
Lost Futures: A 19th-Century Vision of the Year 2000
France in the year 2000 | The Public Domain Review
a woman in a pink dress drinking water from a faucet next to a sink
Sugarplum Fairy by glooh on DeviantArt
Sugarplum Fairy by glooh.
three birds are standing next to each other
the birds.
an octopus is floating in the water with a ship in the backgroung
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I'm not quite sure what this is advertising, but I'm hooked. I love the giant octopus and how it doesn't realize that it's got an island on its head. The illustration is vivid and striking.
three astronauts sitting next to each other in space suits
an old fashion illustration of a woman with a boat on her head
Catherine Moore
The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette is my favorite of the "picture books," as it is illustrated in luscious detail. The pic on the left shows one of the extraordinary constructions Marie and the ladies of her court were fond of wearing.
a drawing of two skulls with faces on them
gentalmen and top hat illustrations | Gentlemen’s X-Ray by Tiny Mallet via Redbubble
a purple eggplant standing on its hind legs in front of a desert landscape
The Great Eggplant of Kalamata by ursulav on DeviantArt
The Great Eggplant of Kalamata by ursulav
a drawing of a fish with a hat and suitcase on it's hind legs
'The Pilot' by Eric Fan
an armadile drinking water from a pond in the desert, with its reflection on the ground
an armadile sitting on top of a table next to another armadile
Techno-optimist Newsletter |
One amazing creature, that armadillo. Striking portrait by photographer Tim Flach. (↬ Radiolab)