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Oihane Vadillo
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∘✱✦☆☪ Ɩ MƖƧƧ ƳƠƲ ☪☆✦✱∘

This shade is gorgeous, but I keep expecting the owner of this fabulous hair to turn around and turn out to be Nicki Minaj. Look at it. Now imagine the girl turning around and wrapping anaconda to you.

This really makes me want to have pink hair....so pretty

sometimes I want my hair to be a blatantly unnatural pastel pink hair color but that would be dubious (I felt like using big words)

Pink hair.

I want this hair color! I use Coconut Oil in my hair once a week. Let it soak for 45 minutes, then wash your hair. It's soo amazing what it does to your hair. Also Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins helps your hair grow thicker and faster