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Simonton encounter USA 18-4-1961. "Joe Simonton watched a UFO land in his farmyard near Eagle river. A human like alien handed him a jug and gestured for water. In return he was given four small pancakes before they departed. On examination by researchers they were found to be made of terrestrial ingredients and tasted like cardboard. There was much publicity and Simonton regretted telling anybody about it." (Ilustration by Michael Buhler.)

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Foto de Gregory Crewdson (13/33)

Available for sale from John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage , Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, Winter (Mother on Bed with Blood) Beneath the Roses Digita…

No Photoshop ... Fotógrafo Gregory Crewdson - Taringa!

Gregory Crewdson biography - Known for flamboyantly staged settings of American neighborhoods and homes, Gregory Crewdson is a distinguished photographer born on September 1962 in

El Aterrador Extraterrestre Nocturno

Fresno Alien- American cryptid: "the night crawler" an alien-like creature seen in Fresno, California. they are bipedal, thin, and have no arms. it has only been caught on film two times. this is a hoax and a ridiculous one.