:) todo en la vida es pasajero, menos el chofer

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<b>He may not be a modern day Aristotle, but Philosoraptor only seems to get wiser the older the meme gets.</b> From the origins of the universe to the very existence of seedless watermelons, here& Philosoraptor& most intriguing musings.

1. ¿Qué dice el cartel que la mujer pone en la pared? 2. El perro no está perdido.  ¿Qué pasó al perrito? 3. ¿Alguna vez, has perdido tu mascota?

Funny dog pics part A selection of funny dog pics and photos showing the funny side of dogs and dog ownership. Laugh out loud dog humour.

¿Qué tazaciendo?

Spanish jokes for kids: visual humor. Plays of the sound of the Spanish words ¿Qué estás haciendo?, in which people often omit the Spanish letter sound "e" at the beginning of "estás.

Pues nada aquí, en el jacuzzi. #humor

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Funny pictures about Road Rage Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Road Rage Cat. Also, Road Rage Cat.