Perfect oven baked fries

Baked Oven Fries

wonder if this would work for sweet potato fries. - A "perfect" technique for baked oven fries. A pinner says: "Seriously perfect technique. Some of the best fries I've ever eaten. And they didn't come out of a deep-fryer! They came out of my oven!


29 Life-Changing Quesadillas You Need To Know About

Peanut butter banana and chocolate quesadilla! Blueberry breakfast quesadilla + 29 Lifechanging Quesadillas You Need To Know About

4 papas blancas 1/4 t de aceite de oliva 1/4 cdita de sal marina 1/4 cdita de ajo en polvo 1/4 cdita de pimentón 1/4 cdita de pimienta negro 2 cdas de perejil fresco 1 / 4 t de queso parmesano (precalentar el horno a 450 ˚ F) 1. Lavar y cortar las patatas en trozos cortando 2. Coloque las papas en un recipiente de agua con cerca de 2 t de hielo. Déjalos 30 minutos y luego seque Coloque las papas hornee 30-35 m

Funny pictures about Oven baked potato wedges to die for. Oh, and cool pics about Oven baked potato wedges to die for. Also, Oven baked potato wedges to die for.

Deja de preparar papas fritas y opta por algo más saludable. ¿Qué te parecería intentar con esta receta de papas al horno? ¡Este platillo te va a encantar!

oven roasted potatoes with olive oil, bacon, garlic, Parmesan cheese, fresh parsley.

Enrotllat de formatge amb salsa de tomàquet

Delicious cheese sticks…

Grilled cheese sticks for dipping in soup!: Just stick to regular grilled cheese sandwiches; to much work and you use a ton of bread and cheese

Chifles or plantain chips

Plantain lightly fried in olive oil or grape seed oil, add a little salt if you want.mmmm I fried plantains, soo yummy:)

Cinnamon Apple Dessert Chimichangas

Cinnamon Apple Dessert Chimichangas - I made these with Gala apples and they turned out pretty well. Next time, I would cut the apples into smaller chunks and use bigger tortillas. 4 out of 5 stars!

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