Mesa de dulces

Love this idea for a teen party > Attach photos to your balloon strings for a unique way of displaying special memories

Alicia en el pais de las maravillas

stacked tea cups with tea party food for Mad Hatter Tea Party or Tea Party Bridal Shower. You should have a silver tea cup wedding.

Ideas para fiestas infantiles al aire libre

Ideas para fiestas infantiles al aire libre drink dispenser. dispensador de bebidas. refreshment table. mesa de refrescos. wedding drinks. bebidas boda. drinks table. mesa de bebidas. cocktails. cócteles. drink station. party time. fiesta. celebración. babyshower. happy birthday. cumpleaños. refrescos. lemonade. limonada. flavored water. agua fresca aromatizada. juices. zumos. iced. granizados. sangria. mojito. gintonic

Beverage Bars for Your Wedding

Assorted colorful drinks like lemonade, iced tea, and punches. I need someone who can help with gathering glass drink dispensers like the one shown and make up some non-alcoholic drinks.

Fiestas en el jardin – ideas originales y sencillas

Fiestas en el jardin - ideas originales y sencillas

J - I take what I said about the hanging jar vs. lantern style not matching--- you can also just wrap the ribbed jar with a pretty cloth to make it match (organza, burlap, pretty paper, etc.

Idea original una carretilla con hielo para mantener cervezas frías en una boda informal

Drink Cart out of old Wheel Barrel. cute for a rustic theme wedding. could put pre-made soft drinks in mason jars in this wheel barrel! :) We should totally do this with mom's old wheel barrel