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Diseños tribales en esmalte verde gris y mar.  Completa tu look de uñas de invierno con estos fu buscando diseños tribales en tonos grises más oscuros.

Use your darker matte gray nail polish and use it as the base. Then get your matte sea green and matte lighter gray nail polishes and play with various designs and patterns.

uñas de gel cortas negras con plata

Fingernail health is closely related to the rest of your body. Different marks, colors and shapes can indicate changes in your health. Taking note of your fingernail health can help you identify illnesses early and start prevention methods.

Propongo un encantamiento, crear un reino invisible donde el rey y la hechicera puedan vivir, donde residan los espiritus

Alahambra Palace, Spain - Home of Ferdinand and Isabella after they conquered what is now Granada and drove the Moors from Europe.