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three people riding horses in an arena with dirt flooring and fenced area behind them
Club hípico Los Establos.
an orange building with stairs leading up to the front door and two large doors on each side
Fachada principal salón de banquetes de la bodega Heretat de Cesilia.
a dining room with tables and chairs set up for a formal dinner or party,
Salón restaurante bodega Heretat de Cesilia
there is a display in the store with wine bottles and other items on shelves next to it
Tienda bodega Heretat de Cesilia
two large wooden barrels sitting next to each other on top of a metal stand in front of a wall
Barricas bodega Heretat de Cesilia
a room with several machines in it and some trash cans on the floor next to them
Zona exterior bodega Heretat de Cesilia.
a dining room table with chairs and lights
Salón casa solariega bodega Heretat de Cesilia
several park benches are lined up under an awning
Templete exterior bodega Heretat de Cesilia
rows of green plants growing in the dirt
Viñedos uva embolsada de Heretat de Cesilia