Adjust your outlook and attitude in just seven days! A Week long positivity challenge— The Family Ma'am

The Seven-Day Attitude Adjustment Challenge

The Seven Day Angle Adjustment Problem - The Household Ma'am. ** See more by clicking the picture link

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Cuadros Carteles Vintage Madera 20x30cm 15mm

#Infografía | Un hábito que se repite 21 días corre el riesgo de hacerse parte de nuestro día a día.  Corramos el riesgo de iniciar hoy, el día tiene 24 horas. #FelizSábado

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She could never keep us apart. We are both too persistent. Too dedicated to making it right. We will forever hold each other down.

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Fill your child with self-esteem. Children need their buckets filled each day by their parents and other adults and family members. The remainder of the day people will be taking things out of the bucket. Make sure your child's bucket never gets empty.

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Vinilos Decorativos Pared Frases - Personalizados Y Más

Motivational quote in Spanish, frase motivadora Olafo

Motivational quote in Spanish, frase motivadora Olafo Nothing changes if we don't change nothing