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Six and Sweet Sixteen--I got this set when I was 8 years old--loved that they had pets, too!

Use hobby lobby coupon and print clip art. The most modest and full paper doll clip art I could find. Double magnet the body clip art so the dress will stay on better.

Pretty cute!

Closet from a jewelry box.

Barbie ad, 1965.

I chose this Barbie ad because it shows the stereotype of only young girls playing with Barbies. I am sure there were little to no ads of young boys playing with Barbies, especially during this era.

Vintage Color Magic Barbie Doll

Color Magic Barbie--Ooh, I had this Barbie. Wish I knew what happened to her. Guess I got tired of her when I ran out of solution to dye her hair!


Barbie Sleep 'n Keep Case and Barbie, Skipper Fashions and Barbie, Tutti & Chris and Francie & Casey House-Mate Cases from the Sears Christmas Wish Book Catalog, 1968