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red roses with green leaves on a white background
Red Roses (Transparent)
an orange and grapefruit pattern is shown in red, yellow and black colors
An interview with Laura Schofield: Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion featured artist. – AmeliasMagazine
Laura Schofield
a painting of two people hugging each other with their eyes closed and noses close together
bees and flowers on honeycombs in yellow, red and black fabric by the yard
k a t i e 🥀 @kathryynnicole
some paint is being mixed together with different colors on the canvas, and it looks like they have been painted
Inspiring Colors | Art
a watercolor painting of a red fox standing on top of a puddle of blood
Autumn fox by ChristinaMandy on DeviantArt
a painting of a fox reading a book on top of a shelf filled with books
an instagram page with watercolor swatches on it
Color theory, color combinations, color inspiration, watercolor palette, blush, nudes, neutrals, sage, greens, blue
a drawing of a woman with her arms crossed in front of her chest and green leaves around her neck
a blue bird is on the inside of a book, with string attached to it
Mi primer Inktober
Mi primer Inktober – La vie en Noëlle
a drawing of a goldfish on a piece of paper
Mi primer Inktober
Mi primer Inktober – La vie en Noëlle