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an empty swimming pool surrounded by trees near the water's edge, with blue sky and sea in the background
two dogs drinking water from a fountain in the middle of a patio area with brick pavers
an outdoor water feature in the middle of concrete steps
Louvers House — MIA Design Studio
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers
an olive tree is in the middle of a garden with water and plants around it
an outdoor garden with trees and plants in the background
a pond in the middle of a garden with chairs around it
an outdoor courtyard with trees, plants and a water fountain in the center surrounded by brick pavers
Design Ed-Scott Shrader Garden Design
an outdoor courtyard with stone walls and steps leading up to a bench in the center
Watersmark Residence | Chas Architects
an outdoor fountain with water running from it's faucet to the side
a fountain surrounded by trees and flowers in the middle of a courtyard area with lots of greenery
Jardines Palma de Mallorca
Jardines Palma de Mallorca
a water fountain surrounded by pink roses on a white brick wall
Elementos decorativos que no pueden faltar en un jardín
bebedero elementos