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Dobby and Kreacher

Dobby and Kreacher.I was really angry when they didn't show the scene that happens at the end of the book with Kreacher proudly leading all the House Elves in the Hogwarts kitchens to help in the battle.

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I like this pic so much more than all the brooding ones hes got floating around out there. Hes really not the brooding type (to me), hes much more of a happy-go-lucky kind of guy! :D" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

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Dobby has your owl, sir! Harry Potter fan art featuring Dobby and Hedwig was initially painted for Toronto Fanexpo by Mellowatt / Mellowattage.

Love that Ginny ran after Harry in this scene.

Harry & Ginny~ First adore Ginny instantly running to offer help and protection to Harry. Then love the way Harry jumps in front of Ginny to protect her - without any hesitation! This is one of the only parts of the movie Hinny I like.