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Noelia Calahorro
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If only the show had these versions.

Comic version of the Teen Titans. I hate Starfires costume in the comics.

The ultimate hybrid…will there be Unitatos in the next book we write? Dragons, yes. Unitato. No. Definitely not.  Stop begging. I said no.

Half unicorn, half potato, all magic. This is funny to me.

The Truth Behind Narwhals

Funny pictures about The Truth About Narwhals. Oh, and cool pics about The Truth About Narwhals. Also, The Truth About Narwhals photos.

Unicornio meando

A peeing unicorn:)

New teen titans vs old

Eu tive a mesma reação que a ravena quando vi teen titans go '-'

The originals looking down shamefully at what they've become

I hope teen titans go get canceled. I want the original Teen titans back

Azarath metrion zynthos

Raven was my favorite Teen Titan.

spiderman is too dank to be spiderkid

Beast Boy + Raven

40 Hilarious Examples Of Beast Boy Bothering Raven [Gallery]

beast boy bothers raven

Beastboy and Raven