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Cat Door Knocker Bronze Sculpture

Cat Door Knocker Bronze Sculpture "Beautiful original bronze cat portrait of Augie with swinging mouse in his mouth, designed for use as door knocker or wall sculpture. These were created by artist Derek Bernstein and executed in traditional lost wax bron

Door knocker, Pownall Hall

Dragon door knocker, Pownall Hall, just south of Manchester. It was refurbished in the by a member of the Boddington brewing family, in lavish Arts and Crafts style.

Door Knobs.

♅ Detailed Doors to Drool Over ♅ art photographs of door knockers, hardware & portals - fish door knocker

Charleston key door knocker

I've always loved the idea of interesting front doors and door knockers, because they can be really symbolic of the house inside. I like the mix of classic and quirky in this picture, with the old-appearing knocker being a literal key.

bunny door knocker

Be inspired by nature which this lovely brass bunny door knocker. A big autumnal trend, wildlife from the woods can be incorporated throughout the home in print cushions, mugs and vases too,

crypt door knocker, La Chaise Cemetery, Paris

crypt door knocker, La Chaise Cemetery, Paris (I hope no one answers.

STONE DOOR KNOCKER | Stone and Metal Door Knocker Blends Modern, Classic and Rustic, Handmade Using Green Methods by Nerio Festa | UncommonGoods

Stone Door Knocker

Stone Door Knockers - The rock door knocker is handmade in Sonoma County, California of stainless steel plate and a wire handle artfully wrapped around a common, unique .

Cat Door Knocker Bronze by casadelgatto on Etsy

The cat with the dead mouse really tickles my fancy "Cat Door Knocker Bronze by Derek Bernstein - Casadelgatto on Etsy"