I like the factory window-style room divider. The kitchen is its own room - separate from the dining area, but the space still looks open and flows. And love the table and bench too!

dining room

Tour This Stunning Martha's Vineyard Home and Garden

: The Dining Room - Unify a mix of mismatched chairs by painting them all in one color and covering the seats in coordinating fabric. Take it a step further by upholstering two padded host chairs in the same fabrics. Love the colored fabrics!

black and white

Paris apartment designed by Double G. Photo by Helenio Barbetta. Love the black and white. The use of the black rug on the black floor gives interest without chopping up the room. The fish better light up- or they are just weird with no function.

Que linda mesa!

Un appartement entre vintage et classique (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

Black and white pattern mix

thebowerbirds: “Source: Marie Claire Maison Bit of black & white, bit of graphic pattern, prefect for a little creative inspiration.


Look through a catalogue of 4 apartments that recreate the vivid magic of Spring time. Watch how the designer captures all the best of Spring, within the

Neutral dining

Neutral dining

12 Ways to Layer Small Furniture and Give Your Home Utility & Dimension | Apartment Therapy

12 Ways to Layer Small Furniture and Give Your Home Utility & Dimension

Small space design ideas that you can make your own! Learn how to make this DIY plywood dining room table for your home.

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Renovated Barcelona apartment by CaSA features vaulted brick ceilings and colourful floor tiles (Dezeen)