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Such a fun chandelier. A quirky, rustic take on home lighting. Shows an actual, installed item which gives the viewer the real sense of what it will look like. The photo is 'clean' and bright with the texture of the wood well defined.


Creative Packaging: Excellent Designs of Paper Bags and Box

Quarter Bag via Packaging of the World #packaging #branding #marketing PD

Quarter Bag

Quarter Bag --Packaging of the World-- Fantastically designed new coffee cup holder concept. Now carrying 3 coffee cups at once won't suck and feel really unsteady in the holder. Looks gorgeous as well.

¿Porque no incorporar churros en las mesas de dulces para bodas? ¡!Que delicia!

Mesas de Dulces para Bodas

These elegant favor bags come in Kraft of While Glassine Lined Paper Bags. El Amore Es Dulce is the perfect addition to your spanish theme

Si hay un lugar estrella en la casa para colocar una pizarra, es la cocina.

Pizarras en la cocina: prácticas y decorativas - Neff