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there are two christmas ornaments on the same plate and one is decorated like a snowman
Félicitations ! Votre domaine a bien été créé chez OVH !
Aprende a crear adornos navideños en una placa Petri ¡Usando hongos!
cookies decorated with red and white icing on a cooling rack
Microbiology Petri Dish Cookies. Pillsbury sugar cookies rolled up into balls. Icing (Agar) with Betty Crocker icing in the package, and Wilton's Pearl Sprinkles (colonies) pushed into icing.
a glass ball that has some lights on it in the shape of a palm tree
Arte en placas de Petri: doce 'cuadros' pintados con gérmenes y bacterias
Arte en placas de Petri: doce cuadros pintados con gérmenes y bacterias. Fotogalerías de Tecnología. No es habitual asocial los microorganismos más comunes en un laboratorio a las palabras arte o belleza. Pero tampoco es imposible. De hecho, se ha convertido
an eyeball with red and blue paint on it
The Daily Dish
Petri Dish Art
four glass plates with different types of buttons on the top one is black and white
Petri dishes with crocheted mould colonies by Elinart.
an array of different colored glass plates on display
Bacteria in petri dishes.
Bacterias en placas de Petri.
an animal's hand made out of different types of food
Cultivo petri
a blue and green plate with holes in the center on a white background, it looks like an abstract painting
cultivo capsula de petri - Buscar con Google
an abstract painting with various colors and shapes on black background, including the outer part of a flower
Artista forma repugnante cultivo de bacterias en su cajuela y lo convierte en galaxias (FOTOS)
galaxia o bacteria
there are many different colored powders in the container
Enterobacterias. Cultivos selectivos y diferenciales para Escherichia coli y Salmonella sp. #microbiology #bacteria #colors by jbauersa
a yellow liquid in a glass bowl on a white surface
Magical Contamination
Magical Contamination // Antoine Bridier-Nahmias©- this is just beautiful ... And the name ... Love it