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Three Heart Drop Valentine's Day Earrings
two white flowers are attached to gold hoops on a beige background, with one flower in the center
Todo lo que necesitas esta temporada, lo venden ya en Malababa
two black leaves are hanging from gold hoops on a white surface, one is made out of wood and the other is metal
Et si ces bijoux étaient la clé
the earrings are made with two different colored leather discs and gold hoops, on top of a piece of wood
three different colored leather earrings on a wooden surface with one being attached to the other
Mont Marte Global
14 DIY polymer clay earrings | Articles
a pair of green and white earrings sitting on top of a piece of cardboard paper
Earth-Tone Hexagon Polymer Clay Earrings
four pairs of earrings with leaves on them sitting next to some pamodia plants