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an image of a cat with chinese writing on it
@neonaturalsl/DeGatos / Twitter
@neonaturalsl/DeGatos en Twitter
an info sheet showing different types of boats
It's that time of year- WINTER! And with winter comes different necessities for your outdoor dog. It is easy to get dehydrated in the winter so supply lots of fresh water. Also, if you give your pet a bath, make sure it is warm and completely dry them (You don't want to stand in the freezing weather wet do you?). Make sure your dog aphasia cozy shelter to protect them from the weather.
a dog laying on top of a white floor next to a purple and orange ball
Identifica signos de envejecimiento en tu #perro. #BanfiedTips #DueñoResponsable
a poster with different types of cats on it's sides and the words tips para prevenir in spanish
Los gatos aunque parecen independientes se apegan a su amo y a sus costumbres y es por esto que pueden sufrir de ansiedad.
a poster with different types of dogs and their names in spanish, english or french
M Cómo entender el lenguaje corporal de tu perro: cuidados y nombres para tu mascota. Perro feliz