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La fe no hace que las cosas sean fáciles, hace que sean posibles.

Lo que logras de pie, agradecelo de rodillas. /Frases ♥ Cristianas ♥

Lo que logras de pie, agradecelo de rodillas. /Frases ♥ Cristianas ♥

Antes de juzgar

Comunidad Coelho on

Paulo Coelho- before you judge, look for the truth. Before you hurt someone, put yourself in their place.

"Valora lo que tienes, supera lo que te duele y lucha por lo que quieres." #Citas #Frases @Candidman

Cause I'm not giving up, sometimes we hurt each other, but thats love, enjoying the nice time together, and fighting together against the bad things in life ♥ I love you M.

La gente más feliz no es la que tiene lo mejor de todo, sino la que hace lo mejor con lo que tiene... #Citas #Frases #Candidman

The happiest people are not the ones that have the best of everything but the ones that make the best with what they have.

La vida

Frase sobre la Vida Life is like a book. some chapters are sad, others happy, others exciting. But if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter has in store.


In translation: there's no time for the past when the future has better opportunities. Love this quote!

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