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a teepee in the middle of nowhere with blue sky and white clouds above it
Parque National Gran Cañon #nationalpark #Hualapai
the sun is setting over the ocean and people are walking on the beach near the water
#Menorca #CapDrtrutx #Faro #podtadelsol
an ocean view at dusk with umbrellas and tables
#Menorca #atardecer
a large black and white lighthouse sitting on top of a sandy beach
#Menorca Cap d'Artrutx
a close up of a table cloth with the words corso como cafe on it
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a table
Corso Como 10 cafe , un buen Spritz a no perder ! :)
many lights are hanging from the ceiling in an outdoor area with tables and chairs around them
Milán corso Como 10, nice place
purple fountains are lit up at night in the city
Milán colores, agua y musica
a group of people standing on top of a snow covered ski slope next to mountains
Pas de la Casa , Andorra.
an empty square with buildings in the background
Lluvia y sol en Logroño.
an empty square with buildings in the background
Lluvia y sol en Logroño.
people sitting at tables in front of large windows
Torre de Altamar Barcelona
an aerial view of a boat dock with many boats in the water and buildings around it
Barcelona .. Puerto marítimo
the city is lit up at night and there are no people on the street or sidewalks
La luna de Gijon
a man wearing a blue scarf standing in front of the water with buildings behind him
Ponte Rialto - Venice
a boat traveling down a river next to tall buildings
Canal Grande - Venice
a fruit stand with lots of fruits and vegetables on display in the dark at night
Padova mercato piazza delle Erbe
an outdoor market with lots of people walking around it at night in front of tall buildings
Padova piazza delle Erbe
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall
Riviera del Brenta ...Villa Margherita Mira Venezia
a painting on the side of a building depicting jesus crucifix with angels
Basilica S.Antonio ( #Padova) #Italy .
the sun is setting in front of a building with many bicycles parked on the sidewalk
Padova (Italy) piazza delle Erbe
many boxes are stacked up on the dock by the water's edge, with buildings and boats in the background
Venice : mercancías en Rialto
a garden with blue and white flowers next to a house
Detalle jardín en Beverly Hills
a dining room table with white chairs and a fireplace in the backround behind it
Precioso comedor en Beverly Hills
a yellow truck parked on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with people walking around
Playa de Venice , California
a sign for santa monica pier in front of palm trees and blue sky with white lettering
Pier Santa Monica
a surfboard hanging from the side of a wall in a room with wood paneling
Duke Santa Monica California
an outdoor dining area with checkered tile flooring and potted palm tree in the corner
Desayuno en hotel San Bartolomé , Puerto de Santa Maria .
an aerial view of a city street at night
Calle San Bartolome , Puerto de Santa Maria
a full moon is seen in the sky over some buildings and balconies at dusk
La Luna del Puerto de Santa Maria .. enamora