Baos revestidos de cemento pulido

Baños revestidos con cemento pulido

Complement a modern vanity with a hand-plastered backsplash made to mimic concrete. Troweling gray plaster created this handcrafted look; a strip of stainless steel provides protection. Pair with pops of green for a serene mix of earthy and industrial.

baño pequeño con elementos de madera

Baños pequeños - veinticinco diseño a la última

. #my_home_dream #home_dream #home_decor possibly for the basement bathroom

Bathroom Remodel With Rain Shower Heads. Many various bathroom design you can create and improvement with rain shower heads Ooooo I love this

Small bathroom - glass shower.

Small Bathrooms Big on Beauty

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Sunroom shower?

Concrete shower with slot window and product shelf below. Wouldn't put the shower head and mixer tap on the window side though.