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Nicoleta Adina Caldare
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¡Sensual beso! <3

This just made my heart cry of joy. This little, wonderful, yaoi gif just made this fangirl who is cooped up under her covers reading Eren x Reader fanfics scream like hell inside. Because she loves yaoi. And if your reading this then I bet you do too.


flügel der freiheit : knight-jaejoong: artist :Lena_レナ I have receive.<<< Ok, ok so, Levi is like Eren wtf u doin but ily and Eren is like I WUV u heichou!

waaaaa que lindooo¡¡¡ *~*

(Levi) Oi, Eren stop crying it's not your fault, it's going to be alright. (Eren) sob~Heichou~sob (What I think they should say.) Levi is a better father figure to Eren than Grisha ever was