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Resultado de imagen para signos zodiacales sketch

Check out these awesome macabre style ink illustrations by Shawn Cross. You may already be familiar with Cross’s previous works that include Mental Illness and Disorders and 7 Deadly Sins. The creepy zodiac portraits are the latest series by Cross.

Vamos a ver las estrellas, grabadas de la ilustración acuarela original por Jessica Durrant

Tatto Ideas 2017 – Let’s Go See The Stars, print from original watercolor illustration by Jessica Durrant Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER Let ’ s Go voir les étoiles - Aquarelle originale par.


I love the use of depth and perspective in these pieces. // I love how unique this is. There is a lot of geometry and perspective work done throughout these words. I like that it is very in depth and complicated.