Describing a Photo Activity (related to Spanish culture and Pamplona) Suitable for a range of levels, both pairs and small groups of students.

Picture description

A photo with exercises to describe it - choose the correct option, fill the blanks, answer the questions. Set to landscape. If you haven& yet taught modals (might etc.), get the students to make inferences using & - ESL worksheets

Using Photos With English-Language Learners | Edutopia

Using Photos With English-Language Learners

Entire English Curriculum (Common Core Aligned) Digital Version from a digital interactive book from Teachers pay Teachers website.

What's the story behind this? What happens next?

Writing Prompt: Explain this unfortunate situation. <-- i'm kind of imagining a worker on the second floor of a department store getting angry and slamming a dummy's feet through the floor.

Describing physical states and emotions photos

Describing emotions and physical states vocabulary English lesson in PDF Describing physical states and peoples emotions 1 tired 2 sleepy 3 exhausted 4 sick / ill 5 hot 6 cold 7 hungry 8

10 Creative Ways to Get Your ESL Students Talking with Pictures

Looking to add some pizzazz to your ESL lesson plans? Check out all the great ways pictures can get your English students excited to learn!

short film: 3 X 3. Intelligence and persistence+ physical appearance. Students describe a photo. Intermediate (A2) – Upper intermediate (B2)

New lesson plan at Film English designed around beautiful short film and theme of intelligence. Language level: Intermediate – Upper intermediate Learner type: Teens and thin man large