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Happy Valentine's Day! <3 Ada Gloveless and Barefoot model by Strawberry-Pink05 Leon model by Adngel Roses by Deexie Fanart only Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy are property of Ca...

Ada Gloveless and Barefoot model by Leon model by Adngel Roses by Deexie Fanart only Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy are property of Ca.

Ada Wong es un personaje perteneciente a la saga Resident Evil. Se trata de una misteriosa mujer estadounidense de rasgos orientales y es una formidable agente secreta. Su actriz de doblaje es Sally Cahill en Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles y Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Tiene 24 años de edad en su primera aparición en Resident Evil 2, y 37 años en su última aparición en Resident Evil 6.

Trabajar en un proyecto de la saga Resident Evil para Capcom! :D Ada wong has been in the resident evil series since moment one. She helped Leon while he and Claire Redfield were in Raccoon City.

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CreeChan Redrawn by on @deviantART

The long overdue redraw/redesign has finally come into fruition! Finally, something done in July guuhhhhhhhh~ Since July has been so dull, I had thought.