Catalan Fideuà

In Catalunya, the northeastern part of Spain, there is a traditional dish called Fideuà - a sort of cross between risotto and paella, and it’s a dish for all lovers of Mediterranean fish soups in the bouillabaisse family.

This Is the Perfect Pinterest Picture, According to Science.

This Is the Perfect Pinterest Picture, According to Science

Not usually a Paula Deen fan, but I am a cucumber/tomato/onion salad fan. Paula Deen Aunt Peggy’s Cucumber, Tomato and Onion Salad

Tres maneras de pinear con amigos.

3 Ways To Pin With Friends

Sometimes a pin is just too good to keep to yourself. So whenever you want to pin it forward, here are a few ways to share the love. Comment and mention someone in a pin

Envía pines a tus amigos.

Send Pins To Friends

Pinterst adds Send button, now you can Send Pins directly to Specific Friends

Pinterest te avisa cuando el precio de un producto baja.

Pin a little, save a little

NEW: will now notify users via email when the price of pins drop!

Pines promocionados.

The next phase of Promoted Pins

Mobile has the moxie and if your business hasn’t stepped up to the mobile bar, there is no doubt you’re missing out.


CGI Animated Short HD: "Changing Batteries" - moving animated short called 'Changing Batteries' that tells the story of an old woman who lives alone and one day receives a special package, created by the talented folks over at Sunny Side Up Productions!

Recibir notificaciones de Pinterest en Safari.

A new way to get notifications on Safari

Cómo pinear contenidos mientras navegas.

Pin Tip: How to Pin things you find around the web