Sunset refraction…I wonder if this works with people. would be cool to do through a champane bottle with kissing on the other side at a wedding or something?

Sunset refraction…

Funny pictures about Sunset refraction. Oh, and cool pics about Sunset refraction. Also, Sunset refraction.

Animals are better than people

This is a photo of elephants walking in front of a sunset in Africa. I like this picture because the elephants are both silhouetted and reflected into the pool of water. The orange color from the sunset makes the photo feel very pleasant and warm.

Photographer Larry Towell

Larry Towell Baby on Cucumber Machine, Kent County, Ontario, Canada. Photo by Canadian Magnum Photographer Larry Towell.

2014 Underwater Photography Photo Contest winners, Wide angle divers category, 1st place. (Photo by Nadya Kulagina/

2014 Underwater Photography Photo Contest Winners

Black and White Photograph by Nadya Kulagina The winning shot of 2014 Underwater Photography Photo Contest in Wide angle divers category from Nadya Kulagina, Russian underwater photographer.