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Mario Casas, have you seen Tres metros sobre el cielo? Well don't cos you'll just be annoyed that they didn't end up together in the second film!

El guapísimo Mario Casas !! Tres metros sobre el cielo ! Tengo ganas de ti #mariocasas

without a doubt the hottest spanish actor in the WORLD. Tengo ganas de ti and 3 metros sobre el cielo were amazing movies check it out if you have the chance guys!

Mario Casas

Mario Casas, exactly my type… if we’re simply talking about looks. My ideal man would have the looks of Mario Casas, the manners of a gentleman, the loyalty.

Mario Casas

Mario Casas Sunnies, white shirt, and denim jacket

Mario Casas

That is why we want to know a little better Mario Casas and so you talk a little about his career to become the idol of many girls today.