Aprende español: 46 palabras geniales para sustituir la palabra “MUY” [Podcast 045] Learn Spanish in fun and easy way with our award-winning podcast: http://espanolautomatico.com/podcast/045REPIN for later

So you want to learn Spanish? Spanish is one of the most useful languages to learn, especially for

FREE "Pop Art" heart lesson from Art with Jenny K. Great Valentine's Day art activity for kids! Each finished piece is original and like no other. Students have to think and solve design problems as they interact with this coloring page.

UPDATE: Last year I posted this short write-up about my free heart Pop Art interactive coloring sheet (see at the bottom of this post). This was the start of my interactive coloring sheets and they.


Positive Spanish words: I loved having a chart like this up. The kids referred to it all the time!

Multiple intelligence theory in Spanish.

Multiple intelligence theory in Spanish. - in English, there's a word, "epistemology" that seems a little too fancy, but is really interesting.

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Cómo ser un Profesor más Efectivo – 27 Propuestas para Lograrlo