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the words i am written in black on a blue leafy background
art prints - Indigo Leaves
Indigo Leaves by Natalie Ryan
a colorful bird with orange and blue feathers
iPhone App Cafe: best iPhone apps - Kasinot Assistant Review etc.
Rainbow Lorikeet, Australia
blue and white fabric with different designs on it's sides, including an image of flowers
"The Quilted Crow Quilt Shop, folk art quilt fabric, quilt patterns, quilt kits, quilt blocks
many blue and white objects are stacked together
Sea shell, sea shell by the sea shore...
an iceberg with blue water flowing through it
Iceberg? I can't really make this out... it seems to be an optical illusion... <3
two blue parrots with yellow beaks on their heads
Blue Macaws #bluedream #niebieski
a card with blue and white leaves on it
“Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do . . . .” The disciple who abides in Jesus is the will of God, and what appears to be his free choices are actually God’s foreordained decrees. Is this mysterious? Does it appear to contradict sound logic or seem totally absurd? Yes, but what a glorious truth it is to a saint of God.(Oswald Chambers)
several pieces of wood stacked on top of each other
10-04-03 Uitgelezen
Blue wood by galerieopweg
a wooden dock extending into the ocean with clear blue water and a boat in the distance
Tahiti- one of the most beautiful places I have been. April Lentkowski #40135 Origami Owl Lead Designer. Visit me at or at
blue flowers with the words do and it things with great love
My wedding color, still in love with it. This should be a staple color like gray at all clothing shops in my opinion.... ;)