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a living room with couches and a tree in the corner
Natural lighting & spotlights; responsive angling,shades & mirrors can change the type of light that enters your house.
the stairs are made of marble and have glass railings
Suárez Santas Arquitectos/Spain/Architecture
Suárez Santas Arquitectos | Enterprise Park in Arte Sacro, 2010 | Spain
a white marble staircase in an empty room
Golf House / Seinfeld Arquitectos
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a modern house with stairs leading up to the front door and side entrance at dusk
Brentwood Luxury Residence by Belzberg Architects
Entrances, stairs, outdoor lighting, architecture, facades, modern design* by Belzberg Architects
the tajwa is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, and it's unique to see
El Taj Majal, una trágica historia de amor hecha de mármol.
a modern house is lit up at night
Casas de mármol, hogares llenos de belleza.
the stairs are lined with potted plants on either side of each other in front of a statue
Una bella escalinata de mármol preside el ayuntamiento de Valencia.
there is a white marble stair case in the room
Oliver Burns
Oliver Burns | Mayfair Penthouse
the stairs are lined with marble blocks
Escaleras en mármol que parecen obras de arte.
the stairs are made of marble and have been designed to look like they're going down
Nadie dijo que subir fuera fácil, pero las vistas desde arriba bien valen la pena.
the tall building has many windows on it's sides and is surrounded by other buildings
El edificio “La Jirafa” de Oviedo tras ser rehabilitado con mármol iraní
a living room filled with furniture and a stone wall
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an instagram page with stairs and windows
Casa AR / Lucio Muniain et al
Interior detail from AR House, Mexico by Lucio Muniain et al