I used to love Lizzie McGuire.

hillary duff year book tv show lizzie mcguire quote haha funny

I did!

Yay I loved my stencil!

good burger!

Goodburger Kel was always my favorite!


grease - My fav movie

Space Jam #90s

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Spice Girls

Spice Girls - spice-girls Photo, yo ill tell you whata want

Reptar background I made

An everyday occurence for me...

Do you remember building magical forts in your home as a kid? Do you help your kids create their own forts in your home today? We want to hear some of your best fort-building memories!

always made arts and crafts fun

Day 19 - Rainbow Glitter Pens, make Christmas cards

Keroppi :]

I got Keroppi! Which Sanrio Character Are You?

Patty & Doug.

Farewell letter from

Doug Funny and Patty Mayonaise.I picked my doctor because her name was Patty MAy.


HelloGiggles - Shows From Childhood

Love this classic cartoon :D

all that

All That! I LOVED the original cast. After original cast members started leaving, the show was never the same

push pops

50 cents lollipops of the past!

franklin the turtle

The real Franklin the Turtle.

hungry hippos

Hungry hungry hippos game :) Oh my sweet papa. You bought this for me one Christmas a couple yrs ago because my nickname was Hippo as a child i loved this game.