Actividades para Educación Infantil: EXPERIMENTO: ruedas para mezclar colores

Wow for the mini scientist. How to make your own colour spy glass out of card stock and coloured cellophane. I love this idea to teach colours. Great for light box play as well.

Como hacer un frasco de la calma

El frasco de la calma, la técnica contra el llanto que está ayudando a padres de todo el mundo

Experimentos para niños: como hacer un tornado en un frasco

Experimento infantil: un tornado en un frasco

Water, jar, dish soap= tornado in a jar. Pinner: Used a baby food jar and this didn't really work. Used a prego jar and filled with water to about an inch from the top and added a couple drops of dish soap. Fun to see the Tornado.

Boligoma con detergente líquido. | 15 Experimentos científicos que puedes hacer en tu cocina

15 Experimentos científicos que puedes hacer en tu cocina

This dish soap silly putty is so EASY! You can whip up a batch in less than 5 minutes using two simple ingredients you likely have in your kitchen already. All you need to do is mix cornstarch/flour and dish soap, keep mixing and ta da!

Fem cristalls amb sal

Cristalls de sal conreats a casa- part I

Fem cristalls amb sal

Experimentem amb cristalls de sucre

After seeing T imothy Horn's carriage coated with sparkling sugar crystals, I was inspired to create my own. I hung these pipe cleaners in.