Why the Crusades Began | Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami

About 450 years before the first crusade began, a new religion was born in the Middle East. At the time, the Middle East was mostly made .

Mapa de España (1492 CE)

In the Aragonese Cortes gathered in Saragossa and pledged an oath to his Charles' mother Joanna, as heiress-presumptive.

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Forgotten Thinkers: Al-Ghazali and Averroes

The Reconquista (AD 722 - 1492)

=================== The Reconquista (AD 722 − Few if any could have foreseen the storm which came thundering across the Middle East from AD . The Reconquista (AD 722 -

Biografia de Abderramán III

Biografia de Abderramán III

Umar Ibn Hafsún –u Omar Ben Hafsún- es uno de los personajes más interesantes desde el punto de vista histórico de nuestro país. Muy cont...

Bobastro (Ardales) e Ibn Hafsún

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