Purple light and shadows. Inspiration for purple gems.

Japanese Pond Purple Light And Shadows. A bit dark and not going anywhere, but love purple.

A road to somewhere beautiful.

Forget the clouds.look at those trees! A road to somewhere beautiful. there's a big fish story coming out of there for sure !

Che meraviglia! *-*

20 of the World's Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels

The Moss Garden, Saiho-Ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan Looks Magical!

Best Countries for Beer

There's a pink version of this photo going around as "Moss Bridges Ireland" or "Bridges Park, Ireland", but this is photo originally looks like this and is not from Ireland but from Saiho-ji Zen Garden in Kyoto Japan

A visit to Himeji Castle | 2 Aussie Travellers

A visit to Himeji Castle

OSAKA - Great description of Himeji Castle >>> All the information for a visit to Himeji Castle, in Japan. With 5 years of renovations completed at the end of March 2015 now is the perfect time to visit.

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