Cardboard Box Ideas

25 Fun Ideas for a Cardboard Box. So many creative play ideas using just a carboard box, some paint and clever thinking.

Toys made from cardboard boxes!

Repurpose Cardboard Boxes into Kid Crafts/Toys!

DIY Cardboard Box Shape Sorter I will have to make these once we move. So many cardboard boxes I can make many things!

10 Awesome Shaving Cream Art Ideas

10 Shaving Cream Art Ideas

10 Awesome Shaving Cream Art Ideas - tons of great ideas here. Especially love 1 for a fun fine motor activity.

juego de bolos con actimel:

Juego de Bolos con botellas de actimel

Create a bowling game from recycled actimel bottles and styropor balls

Educació i les TIC: Els millors 25 jocs infantils

Juego cup and ball style traditional school yard playground toy from plastic bottle great kids craft club project

#Easy #kids Soda Bottle Jet Pack Tutorial from The Mom Creative

Tutorial: Kid's Soda Bottle Jet Pack

Easy kids crafts Soda Bottle Jet Pack Tutorial from The Mom Creative

Juego de ¿Quién es quién? personalizado -

Juego personalizado del ¿quién es quién?

DIY Guess Who game! We did this in college with the original game boards by making our own cards. This includes diy game board instructions too!

Actividades para mejorar motricidad gruesa para niños de 1-3 años

Actividades para mejorar motricidad gruesa para niños de 1-3 años

This is a fun activity in order to encourage the development of praxis skills. The child is required to think about/plan his or her movement patterns in order to get to the other side!

This is a great learning structure for children to experience outdoor music and sound. The set up of the objects are level with the children.

Music area from PVC pipes and old tins.

Angry Birds Can Toss Game

Plan an angry bird birthday party with an angry birds craft activity. Fun and easy angry birds crafts for kids. Ideas for making angry bird crafts.

Decoracion Hogar - Decoracion Diy-Manualidades - Comunidad - Google+

Wonderful DIY Sandbox with cover

DIY Sand Box Using Wooden Pallets - Find Fun Art Projects to Do at Home and Arts and Crafts Ideas. A sandbox with a lid to keep the animals out!

Manualidades para niños: flauta casera

Una manualidad infantil fácil: haz una flauta casera

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Making a Magic (Drinking Straw) Flute. Could work well to incorporate math skills, such as measuring each length of straw.

Experiment for toddlers l Experimento para niños

Tablero chino

Tablero chino

Taca taca

25 Brilliantly Crafty Shoebox Projects for You, Your Home, and the Kids - Page 2 of 2 - DIY & Crafts