My favorite surrealist - Remedios Varo.  This one reminds me of an Act III scene in The Unseen, when things are really starting to happen in the house.

Remedios Varo - 1962 Plant Architecture (Private Collection) Oil on canvas; x 44 cm.

Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington Leonora Carrington was born in Lancashire, northern England in She was the child, the only daughter.

30 April 2013 I just found this wonderful painting by the surrealist artist Leonora Carrington. It is entitled Maja del Tarot and was created in 1965. Here I show only the right hand side of the painting which shows images of the major arcana on the dress of the female figure who is depicted like a Queen in a set of playing cards.

"Maja Del Tarot" 1965 Painting by surreal artist Leonora Carrington.

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Remedios Varo's last painting, "Still Life Reviving" 1963

Things that Quicken the Heart: Leonora Carrington dissolved into her dreams

Leonora Carrington -El nigromante (The Necromancer), ca. 1950 Oil on canvas 28 x 21 inches Courtesy Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco

Leonora Carrington. La Jaca.

La Jaca 1961 Oil and Gouache on Canvas 20 x 12 in. x 31 cm ) © Estate of Leonora Carrington / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Leonora Carrington - Pintora surrealista, escultora, grabadora y escritora inglesa y mexicana. (1917 - 2011)

Leonora Carrington March Sunday, 1990 Oil on canvas From Leonora Carrington, Surrealism; Alchemy and Art by Susan L.

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an art journal page of the surrealist artist Leonora Carrington April 1917 — 25 May

Artodyssey: Leonora Carrington

I took my way down, like a messenger, to the deep, Leonora Carrington, 1977