Kate Lewis pattern pulp home color palettes. Paper weave

Colour use and uneven weaving Kate Lewis. Lewis is a photographer living in Dubai with a gifted eye for chic, modern, magazine-worthy moments. She recently shared these still life color collages from the March edition of Harper’s Baazar Interiors

Lace Flowers Cas Holmes http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-aeujUzlBvig/VJHkcQQ8mtI/AAAAAAAADvI/MBYAWw_degc/s1600/Laceweeds_(4).jpg

Cas Holmes_Lace Flowers unfolding forms combining an old book on lace making with Kantfabriek lace and lace floral curtains.

anna gallaccio

Art & Installation - Anya Gallaccio - "Preserve Beauty" (New York) 2003 - Gallaccio is known for her work with organic materials such as ice, flowers, fruits and sugar. Her installations often change over time as they melt, decompose or sprout new life.

Elise Gravel illustration • fish • hens • chickens • owls • birds • drawing • cute • fun • art • animals • pattern • colorful

Art Inspiration: Cute animals drawings of fishes, hens, chickens, owls and birds - illustration by Elise Gravel.

Image of *RESERVED* toward a poem - a textile book - embroidery artwork

Cathy Cullis, towards a poem, Book of fabric (hand-dyed by the artist) and machine-stitched cotton thread – improvised text.

Vintage Swedish tapestry cushion

Vintage Swedish Embroidery folk art,folk lore woodland vintage design for soft furnishings or clothes grimm and fairy style