All the planets in one picture…  Pluto!

All the planets in one picture.via themetapicture is AWESOME! <--- They included Pluto!

poor Pluto :(

I wanna play with Pluto :( ( why does this make me so sad! Tears, you'll always be a planet to me Pluto!

Poor Pluto...poor poor Pluto

Forever Alone Pluto

Lonely Pluto is forever alone. awww how sad. pluto will always be a planet to me

[Pdf] Un viaje al universo: astronomía práctica para niños

Hisense compra la división de TVs de Toshiba

Joc per imprimir i adaptar segons la llengua que s'utilitzi a classe.

30 pages with syllable sorts, supernova sentences and game board! ( We just used the syllable sort cards.


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