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several different colored pieces of cloth laid out on top of each other, all with fringes
Experimenting with Natural Dyes
a woman's feet are standing under a colorful striped blanket on a white background
stripe blanket
color palette no 7 from the book
Color Palette No. 7 by Elena Comte
color palette no 8 from the book
Inspiring Color Palettes — Elena Comte
color palette no 6 from the book
Inspiring Color Palettes — Elena Comte
an info sheet with different colors and sizes
Conbinaciones de colores
the pantone color guide for spring and summer
Spring Summer 2020 Pantone Colors Trends
a pile of different colored objects stacked on top of each other in front of a white wall
Sophie Smallhorn
Sophie Smallhorn - Honestly WTF
a painting with different colors of paint on the bottom and one color in the middle
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want to paint | designlovefest
an abstract painting with orange, yellow and blue colors
Marleigh (@marleigh.alexandra) on Instagram:
an abstract painting with many colors and shapes
Andrea Shaw
a piece of paper with an abstract design on it
Estudo de cores〽️🖌 #uinversosketchbook #uinverso #apieceofthecontinent